About iEsteem

Meet Our Founder - Jeanetta Thomas

I’ve had many great opportunities. I’ve always contributed my success to hard work, and God’s favor. However, I would struggle when asked the following: What makes you unique? What is your vision for your future?
After this occurred several times, I reached an aha moment. I decided to put in the work, needed to discover the answers to these questions. Like me, I know many women take pride in being their authentic selves. Hence, the birth of iEsteem.

Our Mission

Women are often encouraged to fit in a specific mold.
We believe women should embrace their unique qualities. Clear about their personal brand. Clear about the vision for their future.
At iEsteem, we encourage women to love themselves and be unapologetic about who they are.


Our Products

iEsteem provides vision inspired apparel that motivates women to walk out their aspirations with authenticity, self-love,  and confidence.